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Water and Fire Damage Restoration in, Northern & Central, New Jersey

Doorbell cameras that alert your phone when there is motion near your door are all the rage right now in Hackensack and across the country. This advanced safety feature can help alert you if anyone, wanted or unwanted, is at your door whether you are home or away. Keeping unwanted intruders away from your home can bring a lot of peace of mind.

NJ Water And Mold – Professional Emergency Water Removal Service In Hackensack

NJ Water And Mold wants to introduce one more common home intruder; one that cannot be detected by a smart doorbell – water. One of the leading causes of property damage to homes, water damage can happen at anytime and virtually anywhere. Since water damage can be unpredictable, it is helpful to be alerted when water is present in areas it should not be. Because many smart home devices are designed to prevent property damage, it makes sense that smart leak detectors are an evolution in smart technology that can alert you when water damage occurs, allowing you to get the problem stopped before it becomes a major disaster.

Smart Water Leak Detection Technology

While smart leak detector systems vary from brand to brand, it is common for all systems to have three main components: sensors, shut-off valves, and a hub/control center. Sensors can be placed in areas of the home where leaks are more likely to occur; for example, near appliances like water heaters and washing machines. Some sensors are even designed to monitor water temperature and pressure which can help alert homeowners to possible pipe bursts. Shut-off valves, like sensors, can be installed in specific locations to ensure the water supply is cut off as quickly as possible. It may be a good idea to have a plumber install the shut-off valves in case cutting into water lines is required. A centralized hub or command center conveniently integrates the sensors with the shut-off valves and relays the information to the homeowners. Since most systems run on Wi-Fi, it is a good idea to look for a system that has backup power in case the power or WI-FI goes out. These smart leak detection systems not only provide peace of mind when it comes to emergency water damage but also enable the water to be shut off quickly (for some brands shut off time is as little as 5 seconds) to mitigate damage – saving homeowners time and money on emergency water removal and restoration.

Finding The Water Leak Detector That Works For You

If you are interested in smart water leak detection technology for your home, there are many different brands and systems to choose from that range in price. The important thing is to find what works best for your home, and your budget. You can research different types, and even find ones that have built-in sirens that will alert you with a noise just like a smoke detector does. The important thing about emergency water damage is to act fast so that the water can be removed as quickly as possible to mitigate further damage. The sooner you catch the water damage, the better off you will be. This is where smart leak detection comes in handy. Keeping your Hackensack home safe from water damage is important, and when you do end up needing emergency water damage removal, NJ Water and Mold is ready to help.



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