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Say hello to the season of endless family reunions and nonstop baseball tournaments. For many Americans, July is one of the busiest times of the year. The regularity of life is put on hold while much-needed vacations finally happen and when work responsibilities take a back seat. Thank goodness for summer! Unfortunately, the occasional family will come home from a vacation only to find an unexpected grand finale: water damage. Since water damage is largely preventable, we at NJ Water and Mold want to take a look with you at how you can vacation-proof your home in Bergen County to avoid the exhaustion of unexpected water damage. Protecting Your Home From Water Damage While On Vacation

Make your neighbor your best friend

Hopefully, you and your neighbor peacefully wave to each other while getting the mail and give each other Christmas cards every year. But if not, now is a great time to start. Going on vacation for a month? Bribe your neighbor into checking your home every few days. Not only would they be able to catch signs of flooding and water damage, but they could protect against break-ins, take care of pets, and keep indoor plants thriving.

Turn off the water

Okay, maybe you’re not thrilled with the idea of someone checking in on your house. No problem. However, if you’re going on an extended vacation, turn off the water main. Water damage rarely happens when the water is turned off. This step is optional when someone is looking after your home, but if you’ve decided to free solo, turn off the water.

Don’t start appliances before you leave

The classic “I’m a responsible person” move is to load the dishwasher right before walking out the door for a month. That’s great. No one likes a smelly sink. However, we all know that dishwashers can be finicky. Little leaks to full-blown floods can occur randomly. Because of this, consider unloading the dishwasher before leaving. Yes, it takes planning. Yes, it’s annoying. However, the precautions are worth the extra effort when you think about the water damage that could occur after coming home.

Keep the HVAC system on

Most people naturally turn off the air before leaving. It makes for a nice utility bill later. However, if the inside temperature of the home rises too much, condensation builds and minor water damage occurs. Your home needs constant circulation to maintain itself properly. Feel free to turn the air up a bit, but don’t turn it all the way off.

Hopefully, the rest of your summer months are packed with exciting getaways and excursions. Don’t forget: Your home still needs to be taken care of when you leave. These tips and tricks are simple, practical ways to minimize the chance of water damage. However, if you’re reading this post after it’s too late, give NJ Water & Mold a call! We know the ins and outs of water damage restoration in Bergen county and will restore your home just in time for you to leave on your next big trip!



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