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Winter can be the toughest time to protect your home from mold. Snowy weather means moisture tracked inside. And, when the air is cold, it cannot hold as much moisture, leading to condensation. Since mold spores are constantly around us, the only thing they need to get going is the extra moisture. When this happens, you may wind up with a mold infestation on your hands.

Watch Out for Leaks

If your pipes freeze, they can burst and cause flooding in your home. This excess moisture is an invitation for mold. If a freeze is predicted, turn on faucets to run at a drip to keep mold from finding a hospitable environment.

You should also make sure that your faucets and pipes do not have any slow leaks. You may hear a faucet dripping or you may just notice that the sink is sometimes wet. With leaking pipes, you may discover that the area under your sink is sometimes wet. Should you find leaks, get a plumber to deal with them as soon as possible. Waiting can mean more moisture in your home.

Use Fans to Reduce Moisture

Proper air circulation is the key to keeping the air in your rooms free from excess moisture. There should always be a fan running in your bathroom when you shower. If you do not have one installed in the room, a floor-based model can be moved in to help with air circulation.

The kitchen is another area of the house that gets steamy. When you are cooking, turn on a fan. This doesn’t just help with moisture; it will also cut down on excess heat in that one room and keep your home as a whole at a more even temperature.

Dry Wet Surfaces

When it’s cold outside and your house is warm, it is natural for condensation to collect on walls, windows, mirrors and pipes. Whenever you see condensation start, wipe the area down with a towel. By doing this consistently, you can cut down on the moisture on those surfaces that could cause mold to grow.

By keeping up with these minor maintenance tasks, you can significantly cut the chances of mold growing in your home. You will find that the place is less likely to smell stuffy, that your possessions stay in better condition and that you feel better.

If mold does appear in your home despite your precautions, there is no time to lose. Call the mold removal company Ridgefield trust. We’ll perform a free assessment and let you know what you need to get your home mold-free.



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