Clogged Drain – Leonia, NJ

Customer: Janmejai S.
Leonia, NJ
October 20, 2020

The clients had a clogged drain in the basement that required sewage cleanup.

Our first step was to thoroughly clean the 1st-floor bathroom where the sewage backup occurred and applied an antimicrobial solution to prevent any bacterial growth. After cleaning the bathroom, we moved down to the basement to start repairs to the affected areas. We first contained the area that was affected to prevent debris from spreading throughout the basement. Next, we set up a few air scrubbers to filter the air as we tore out the affected drywall and insulation. After we removed any carpeting that was affected by the sewage leak and HEPA vacuumed, heavily cleaned the walls and floor and applied antimicrobial solution. Air movers and a dehumidifier were run until the space was fully dry.