What causes appliances to leak?

Appliance leaks are one of the major causes of damage in the home. Whether it’s a gushing water heater in the basement or a dishwasher that suddenly fills your kitchen with grey water, appliance leaks can be a major headache. Often, preventing these leaks means knowing where your appliances are likely to fail. A few of the things to look for to avoid disaster:

Worn hoses.

In dishwashers, washing machines, kitchen ice makers and other appliances, the hoses are often the first area to go. Look for areas that appear cracked, worn or stiff. These can all be indications that there are problems and that the hose may come apart. These sorts of failures can be especially dangerous, as they can happen whether or not the appliance is in use. Many homeowners have gotten up in the morning to discover that their clothes washer’s hose has failed overnight and left the bottom floor flooded.

Damaged Gaskets

Your dishwasher door, the tub cover of your washing machine and other appliances are often kept sealed by gaskets. In some cases, gaskets can be torn. In others, they wear out and become inelastic. This can lead to leaking while you are operating the machine.

Mineral Build-Up and Other Clogs

Clogged drain hoses can mean that there is no place for water to go. Appliances can back up and leak when drainage is blocked. This can lead to dirty water from a dishwasher or clothing washer getting out. Since these are considered grey water leaks, it is important to have them thoroughly cleaned up and dried as soon as possible. When grey water is allowed to stand, it can quickly become dangerous and pathogen-laded black water.

Rust and Corrosion

Over time, steel parts can break down as they are exposed to water and minerals. This leads to weakening of drums or tanks. If you see rust on an appliance, this may be a sign that it is overdue for replacement or repair. A rusted or corroded tank can break down extremely quickly once damage starts.

By inspecting appliances that are hooked up to water lines, you can often catch a problem before it starts. However, sometimes an appliance will surprise us and give way unexpectedly.

Have you discovered that an appliance in your home has caused a flood? There is no time to waste. The sooner you call us for the restoration, the sooner we can eliminate the mess and cut the chances of damage to your home.

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